In addition of to the brokerage of construction machinery, trucks and buses, PlusTech facilitates an auction. A selection of our objects are sold through our online auction.  Pay attention to the objects ending up at the auction site, they tend to sell fast!

Auctions from PlusTech

We are constantly adding new objects for sale on our auction site. All bidding happens at We also advertise the auctions in a variety of places in order to attract the most bidders.

PlusTechs role in an auction

Similar to brokerage, PlusTech is the mediator in the sale. We secure safe payments and can assist with shipping, declarations, export, import, and similar if needed.

In addition, we facilitate the auction and try our best to secure that it is running smooth.

Auctions that are ending soon

Container 20 fot med sideåpning
Brakker og containere
Ref: 28873
NOK 31 000
NOK 31 000
NOK 31 000
NOK 31 000
Excluding MVA
2022/07/04 19:00:00

Frequently asked questions

I won the auction, what happens now?

You will soon receive an invoice from PlusTech that you must pay. Once the invoice is paid, the seller will be notified. The object is then available for collection. Contact us on +47 415 52 300 or if you want us to assist with shipping.

I didn’t win the auction. Could you help me find a similar object?

Of course, we can assist with this. We get several hundred new objects for sale every month for auction or brokerage. Contact us on +47 415 52 300 or, and we can assist in finding exactly what you need.

How do I register as a bidder on

If you find an object you want to bid on, click Make an offer, if you are not yet a registered user, you will be sent to a registration form for new users.

How do I log in to the auction?

Once you are signed into your profile, you are able to bid at an auction. When you are viewing an object and want to make a bid, click on make an offer. If you aren’t logged in, you will be sent to the log in site. You can also click on the silhouette in the top right corner to log in from any PlusTech page.

Is the bid binding?

All bids on any auction is binding. This means that a bid made from your account at PlusTech (made by you or another person that disposes your account) cannot can be withdrawn from the auction after being placed. The bid is an agreement between you and the seller when the auction closes, and your bid is the highest (the winning bid).

What is an auto bid?

An auto bid is a solution that bids on your behalf up to the maximum limit you have specified. Your bid will increase with the specified minimum bid increase every time someone else registers a bid higher than yours. Simple for you!

What is an auction fee?