Fotografering av kjøretøy

This is how you make a good ad

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:54
The main picture in the ad should arouse the interest of the buyer in a positive way. You are doing yourself a favour if you put a bit of work into the photography.

Good pictures are everything

PlusTech publishes ads for used trucks, excavators and other equipment using around 10 recognised websites. Through us, your ad will have a wide reach – you will reach potential buyers all over the world. But to convince them, you will have to take a few simple, but important, steps.


1. Clean the construction equipment or vehicle before taking the picture

– a round of soap and water works wonders.

Washing sign

2. Take at least one picture with some air around the object

– this will be the main picture.

Photo with some air around

3. Always take the photo in landscape format.


- This is the default image format for all the pages we advertise with. Portrait pictures can be displayed incorrectly on some web pages.

landscape format mobile

4. Take pictures of all sides of the object.

- Are you buying something, you want to make sure everything looks good from all sides of the object.

photo of all sides

Take detailed pictures of the license plate, central lubrication, tires, levers, fasteners, GPS, additional equipment, etc.

- Good tires and accessories etc. make extra cash at checkout, so it's important to take detailed pictures. The same applies to injuries and deficiencies. If the customer has a complete overview of an injury or a defect, he is much more willing to pay than if he is unsure of the condition.

take detailed pictures

Spice up the ad with a lot of pictures

– better too many than too few. Images sell and leave little doubt for the buyer. Take rather too many, than to few pictures. This may cause your item to be sold over another.

stack of photos

Se ads for inspiration


Give thorough information in the text

Those considering buying the excavator, bus or truck you are selling seek as much knowledge as possible on the equipment. Our brokers will help you collect and prepare an overview of the information the ad should include.

Get help with the ad