Buying and selling

Are you in the market for a used construction machine or vehicle? More and more people are discovering that having a skilled mediator to talk to makes the buying process more secure. PlusTech doesn’t only facilitate a secure trade, we make things simple for both the buyer and seller.

What PlusTech does

  • We manage all discussions between the buyer and seller;
  • We arrange all contracts and agreements;
  • We secure payments until the equipment is received by the buyer;
  • We arrange shipping if needed; and
  • We manage all necessary documentation.

Find the equipment at PlusTech

Here at PlusTech you’ll find a great selection of used trucks, construction machines, buses, and related equipment. If you don’t find the exact model you are looking for, let us know. We have an extensive list of contacts who may have exactly what you are looking for. Please view our website,, for our current list of up to date sales items, or contact us on +47 415 52 300 or

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Caterpillar 140G veghøvel med kun 4776 timer
Ref: 31246
NOK 280 000
NOK 280 000
NOK 280 000
NOK 280 000
Excluding MVA
2023/06/15 19:00:00
Ford Transit Connect 75 T220 varebil - rep-objekt
Ref: 31250
NOK 10 000
NOK 10 000
NOK 10 000
NOK 10 000
2023/06/15 19:00:00
Caterpillar 950G hjullaster
Ref: 31251
NOK 545 000
EUR 46 923
EUR 46 923
SEK 542 981
Excluding MVA
Scania R650 tippbil med Maur tippslephenger
Ref: 31249
NOK 1 599 000
EUR 137 037
EUR 137 037
SEK 1 589 096

Frequently asked questions

How is payment completed?

If you buy an object from PlusTech, we will send you an invoice. When the invoice is paid you can collect the object, or have it delivered. Once you inform us that the object is according to what is agreed, the seller then invoices PlusTech. By doing it this way, the money is secured in our account until the object is received. This is the safest way to pay for the object for the buyer!

Can you help me find the perfect machine?

Yes, we already have a great selection of used trucks, buses and construction machines for sale, but if you can’t find the right object for your company, then we will start a search based on your specifications. This is of course without any commitment from you. 

I have found a machine abroad. Can PlusTech help me with import?

PlusTech can help you with the import. Norwegian banks never transfer financing money directly to a seller outside Norway – they demand an intermediary. We are the intermediary who will make sure the transfer between the seller and the financing bank goes smoothly. In addition, we will fix all the documentation related to the import. 

Can you assist with finances?

Yes, PlusTech has its own systems for checking and calculating finances and will quickly calculate how much you can get to assist your purchase. One of our goals is to free up your time. 

What type of documentations does PlusTech manage?

There is a lot of documentation needed when buying big machines. Amongst others, Plustech keeps track of documentation related to Environmental requirements, Safety requirements, Customs regulations, Excises, Original registration documents, CE-approval, Export declaration, Import declaration and Transport of the equipment – no matter its country of origin.

I’m going to sell my machine or vehicle. How can PlusTech assist?

We start by agreeing about a time suitable for both parties where we can come for an inspection. At the inspection we’ll take the necessary photos, collect the necessary information, and agree on a sale price. When all of this is in place, we then publish the object, not only at, but on various sale platforms all over the world. We respond to every inquiry, freeing up your time. When someone buys the object, we handle payments, handover, and everything related to the sale. Simple for you!